North Yorkshire Pension Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pension Scams – Where can I find out more information?
What is my fund worth/ How much have I contributed to my pension?
Why does my online pension record show a start date that is much later than when I joined the pension scheme
Why is my annual pension projected to be less than what I have paid in – this is not value for money!
What happens if I reduce my hours?
What happens if my pay reduces?
How are my pension benefits calculated?
I have more than one job how are my pension benefits calculated?
How is my final pay worked out?
What happens if I am too ill to work?
I would like an estimate of benefits, how far in advance can I request one?
When can I retire?
How much will my pension be reduced by?
Can I retire and carry on working?
What happens to my pension benefits when I die?
Can I take cash from the LGPS?
What is the 50/50 option?
How do I advise you of my change of address?
I’ve changed my name, what do I need to do?
How do I obtain a statement of my benefits?
How do I obtain Information for a Mortgage Application or for my Independent Financial Adviser?
Can I pay extra into my Pension?
How do I contact my AVC provider?
I paid contributions into the North Yorkshire Pension Fund in a previous employment. How can I find out if I have any benefit entitlements?
I am a pensioner and I have an enquiry about my pay slip. Who should I contact?
I am a pensioner and want to change my Bank Account, who do I contact?
I am a teacher and have a query about my pension. Who should I contact?
I have an enquiry about my State pension. Who should I contact?
When can I take a refund of my contributions?
I have a tax query, whom should I contact?
How do I opt out from the Pension Scheme?
What will be the effect of taking a strike break on my pension benefits?
How do I rejoin the Pension Scheme if I have previously opted out?