North Yorkshire Pension Fund
Local Government Pension Scheme  

Website for members of the LGPS in England and Wales
Click here to visit the The Government’s free online Pension Tracing Service website  

The Government’s free online Pension Tracing Service.

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The North Yorkshire Pension Fund 'in house' AVC provider.

Money and Pensions Service  

MoneyHelper helps to make your money and pension choices clearer, to put you in control with impartial help that’s on your side, backed by government and free to use.

The Pensions Ombudsman  

An independent organisation set up by law to investigate complaints about pension administration. This is a free service.

 Click here to vist the Pensions Regulator website  

Supervises a range of legal requirements to protect peoples' occupational pensions.

Click here to visit The National Associations of Pension Funds website  

The voice for pensions and lifetime savings in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels.

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HMRC is responsible for collecting the bulk of tax revenue, as well as paying Tax Credits and Child Benefits.  There are various contact details for HMRC, for further information please click on the logo to be re-directed to their website.