North Yorkshire Pension Fund


Retirement at normal Pension Age (NPA): This is the same as your State Pension age. Your benefits in the CARE scheme (built up since 1 April 2014) are payable from your NPA and will be reduced if taken before that age. (You may have some protection if you were an active member before 1 October 2006).

Retirement at age 65: This is the normal retirement age for benefits built up before 1 April 2014. If you take your benefits at age 65 any benefits built up before 1 April 2014 will be payable unreduced but there will be a reduction to benefits built up after 1 April 2014. (You may have some protection if you were an active member before 1 October 2006).

Retirement before normal Pension Age: You can choose to retire and receive your pension from age 55. Your pension is normally reduced if it is paid before your normal pension age. Reductions to pension benefits are explained here.

You will need to have two years membership in the pension scheme to have the right to a retirement benefit.

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Flexible retirement
It is possible to take flexible retirement from age 55 with your employer's consent where the number of hours worked reduces or you move into a lower graded post. This is at the discretion of your employer. Flexible Retirement Q & A Sheet

Ill health retirement
To qualify for ill health benefits you must have 2 years membership in the pension scheme. Your employer, based on an opinion from an independent medical practitioner appointed by them, must be satisfied that you will be permanently unable to do your own job until your normal pension age and that you are not immediately capable of undertaking gainful employment.

Ill health benefits can be paid at any age and are not reduced on account of early payment. Your benefits could be increased depending on the 'Tier' of benefit that is awarded.

The different levels of benefit are:

Further information can be found in the Ill Health Retirement Guide - Active Member here.

Late retirement

If you choose to carry on working after your normal pension age you will continue to pay into the Local Government Pension Scheme , building up further benefits. When you retire your benefits will be increased by a factor to account for late payment. Your pension has to be paid by your 75th birthday.