North Yorkshire Pension Fund

Transferring Previous Pension Benefits into the Fund

Linking Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pension rights in England or Wales

If you re-join the LGPS and have a deferred benefit from a previous period of LGPS service, either with the North Yorkshire Pension Fund (NYPF) or another LGPS fund, your benefits may be joined together. This will work differently depending on how long ago you were last in the LGPS.

If you re-join the LGPS and have a previous period of LGPS membership with only a refund benefit this must be linked to your new pension account with the NYPF.

Club Transfers

These are transfers from mainly public service pension schemes (including the LGPS in Scotland or Northern Ireland) where the election to transfer is made within 12 months of joining the LGPS and there has not been a break of more than 5 years since leaving the other public sector scheme. Benefits are transferred under preferential rules known as club transfer rules.

If you transfer pension rights under club rules the amount of extra pension which is added to your pension account will closely match the amount of pension you had built up in your pension account with your previous pension scheme.

Transfers from non LGPS or non-public sector schemes

If you opt to transfer pension rights from another pension arrangement then a sum of money called a transfer value is offered to buy an amount of extra pension which is added to your pension account with the NYPF. The extra pension is added to your pension account in the scheme year that the transfer payment is received.

What do I need to do?

When you re-join the LGPS you should complete a new starter form, that will be issued by NYPF, giving details of previous pension entitlements. Once NYPF is in receipt of the required information a quote on the options available will be issued to you to allow you to make a decision on whether you wish to proceed with the transfer. You may wish to seek financial advice at this stage before making a decision. The regulations give you 12 months from the date of joining or re-joining the scheme to make a decision. Transfers outside the 12 month window are not permitted but your employer may exercise discretion to allow the transfer if there has been exceptional circumstances.