North Yorkshire Pension Fund

Transferring Benefits to another pension scheme

If you leave the North Yorkshire Pension Fund and have not taken your benefits, you can generally transfer the cash equivalent of your pension benefits. You may be able to transfer into a new employer's pension scheme, another pension arrangement or an overseas pension scheme that meets HM Revenue and Customs conditions. You cannot transfer your benefits if you leave with less than 3 months membership or (other than in respect of Additional Voluntary Contributions) if you leave less than one year before your Normal Pension Age.

If you wish to transfer your benefits to a scheme that allows you to access your benefits flexibly and the value of the transfer value is more than £30,000 you are required to take independent financial advice. We will ask you to confirm that you have received this advice before we transfer your benefits.

If you are interested in a transfer you will need to contact your new pension provider to start the process.